“Trust me, there’s nothing else like this out there if you want to learn from the best and acquire skills that will set you apart from everybody else.”

 Dr.  Uldrich Wancel
Abu Dhabi, UAE

“The posterior composite course given by Dr. Newton was by far the best course on this subject I have ever taken. He gives very practical information that you can put to use the very next day in your clinical practice. It’s hard to believe that you can create beautiful and better restorations that need less finishing, in about the same amount of time.”

Dr. James Peyton
Backerfield, USA

“Dr. Fahl’s courses for both anterior and posterior direct composite restorations will change the way you practice. You will have a better understanding of composite resins and how to manipulate them. You will also gain the confidence to efficiently and effectively restore your patients aesthetics and function with strong, long lasting state of the art restorations.”

Dr. Susan Pastorino
Perth, Australia

“It is a pitty that it took me 17 years of dentistry to get to know this stuff. It should be in dentist school. Thank you for the great way you tought us your knowledge.”

Dr. Helena Forthmeijer
Brämhult, SE