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    Meet our history

    Our history

    Created in 1998, the Fahl Center is a pioneer continuing educational center in Aesthetic Dentistry that combines art and science in its unique teaching methodology. It has a technologically advanced infrastructure, specially designed for professionals who want to improve and update their skills. Tradition in the quality of teaching with innovation makes up the DNA of the company whose main objective is to provide a true transformation in the professional life of the student who seeks new scientific and technical knowledge in a practical and fast way, to stand out in the market and in their communities.

    Visit us!

    With a privileged location in the Curitiba downtown, in the middle of the tourist attractions of the city, those who come to the Fahl Center have the facility to find accommodations, in varied styles, with excellent leisure options close to the teaching center facilities. Enjoy!


    To change paradigms creating new philosophical and practical concepts in Aesthetic Dentistry and other related specialties.


    To offer excellence in personalized education, based on the andragogy concept, respecting the student’s knowledge and individuality, seeking to positively impact their professional experience.


    The learning environment has the best equipment for the student to follow all the procedures demonstrated by the Professor in a pleasant and welcoming environment. The classroom has a high definition projector, TVs and monitors, individual benches with modern equipment, current consumables and artistic instruments essential for hands-on practices. To improve the theoretical and practical content of each topic, clinical cases videos are shown during the courses. And during breaks, the students have access to a cozy lounge to relax and interact, enjoying a delicious coffee break.
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