Since 1998, the Fahl Center is a pioneering education center designed for professionals who want to improve and upgrade their skills and want to acquire
new scientific and technical knowledge as quickly as possible and also excel within their communities. Our motto is: HERE YOU WILL LEARN HOW TO DO!

Our Philosophy:

The courses ministrated at the Fahl Center were didactically elaborated to change paradigms and create new philosophical and practical concepts in Aesthetic
Dentistry and other related specialties.
Based on the concept of andragogy (adult education), the FAHL CENTER offers personalized instruction that respects the student’s existing knowledge, work
experience and individuality. FAHL CENTER’s didactic-pedagogical methodology enhances the life experiences and skills of each participant.
We created a unique infrastructure in Brazil. All consumables used during practice are included in the tuition course.

Theoretical Expositions

Through multimedia presentations, videos, and other audiovisual resources, the introduction of a new theme is enthusiastically, directly, practically and interactively.

Curso Newton Fahl

Laboratory Practices

The subject addressed in the lecture is led to interactive practice: each step demonstrated is reproduced by the student, on dummy. A didactic approach is made about the handling of specific materials and instruments for each technique, with the direct supervision of the coordinating teacher and assistants.

Práticas Laboratoriais

Clinical Demonstrations

Representative cases of theoretical and laboratory material previously presented are chosen for a didactic complementation of the theme through live demonstrations with the filming system.

Demonstrações Clínicas


Mônica Yokota
Sempre me disseram que era um divisor de águas, vi que é verdade. Comecei a fazer os casos que antes encaminhava e cobrar bem por eles por me sentir seguro de que consigo atingir a expectativa do paciente.
Antônio Malheiros
Excelência Turma A 2019
Curso extremamente prático e aplicável no dia a dia de consultório, além da bagagem teórica para pessoas da área da docência. Ótimo!
Tissiana Rossi Schneider
Diretas-Indiretas Turma A 2019


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